Natural star finds his most desired role

Actor Nani finds his most desired role

Natural star Nani is up for working with a new director. He is already in middle of two projects as the shooting got postponed because of the pandemic. Every is very excited to see him in a negative role in his upcoming movie ‘V’. it has completed all the shooting and got stuck in the Post production stage. And his next lined up movie ‘Shyam Singha Roy’ is yet to complete its shoot.

With these unplanned holidays Nani is having fun time with his cutie pie Arjun. The talk is also that Natural star Nani is hearing some scripts and with his thirst for creative stories it seems like he zeroed down in the fresher Srikanth Odela’s story.

Nani is wanting to take up a fully village-based character since a while and it looks like Srikanth Odela has scored over there. It is also said that Sudhakar Cherukuri is excited to bankroll this movie.

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