Nani Tries To Defend Them

Recently, a round table session by a young Tollywood director, Venkatesh Maha, sparked outrage due to his comments about the popular movie ‘KGF’. His words not only earned him criticism but also the directors who agreed with him found themselves in hot water, especially since all of them had previously directed Nani.

During the promotional events of ‘Dasara’, Nani was asked to share his thoughts about the controversy. In response, the talented actor expressed his strong views stating that the way the comments were made was completely wrong. He acknowledged that the conversation seemed like a typical discussion among friends, but it was conducted during an interview, which unfortunately led to a controversial situation. Nani emphasized the importance of being mindful of one’s words in any public setting.

Further, Nani felt sympathetic towards the director who was seated next to Venkatesh Maha and believed that the other directors who participated in the session are fans of mass movies, with Nandini Reddy being someone who thoroughly enjoys and even whistles during them. He believes that the public judged them too harshly based on a 10-second video clip and that people tend to get carried away when a filmmaker narrates something in a humorous or playful manner.

Despite the controversy, Nani had nothing but kind words for the young directors involved. He described them as precious individuals who should not be judged solely on the basis of one ill-conceived round table discussion. By offering his support, Nani showcased his compassion and understanding towards the situation

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