Namrata is proud of Sitara’s help

Mahesh Babu Daughter Sitara House Cleaning Video | Manastars

Well, how many help your parents with household work? Did you ever think the kids in the star families treated specially?
Here comes Mahesh babu’s family to prove you wrong if you are thinking so. We all know that Star mom Namrata posts a fun video of their family everyday to entertain the fans. In that process even we got to know how active their daughter Sitara is. We also got to know her hidden talents.

Today Namrata updates her status with the video of Sitara helping her mom with household work. “My brooming angel (heart symbols) Her first class!! Full marks(kiss emojis)” wrote the proud mom in her Instagram story. Yes, the star kid Sitara wanted to help her mom and sweept the floors of her house.
Sitara is already setting an example for the the kids who get lazy to help their mom once a while. This shows how down to earth is the total family of Superstar Mahesh babu.
Do check out this cute kid trying to help her mom!

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