Nagarjuna’s ‘Watch Dogs’ Don’t Have Time

It is well aware that Nata Samrat Nagarjuna has changed his route and is focusing on content drivien movies. He already has an experience in this as he did Gaganam movie. Though it was a decent movie, it could not do well in at the box office.

Like Gaganam, the actor’s new movie ‘Watch Dog’ is also not a commercial movie but has an interesting story. Ghe makers too completed most of the shooting as the movie was supposed to be released in the summer. But with pandemic outbreak, everything got delayed.

The latest news on this movie is that, Watch Dog is going to be released in the OTT biggie Amazon Prime. As the theatre don’t seem to reopen that soon the producer of the movie Niranjan Reddy and Anvesh Reddy decided to put it online.

The official announcement on this release is yet to be given.

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