Naga Babu about Chiru and Pawan kalyan

Can lockdown create a gap between celebrities and fans? Not until social media is there. Recently Naga Babu interacted with his fans on internet. His fans were very excited for getting an opportunity of asking his various questions.

Naga Babu, when asked about his experience with working with Chiru in Anji, he said it was great to be a part of that movie. Working with brother Chiranjeevi is like a journey of a student with his teacher. Chiru would be a little harsh with Naga Babu if he could not give his best in the shoot. But is was all for the sake of good outcome of the movie. Chiranjeevi would always guide his to get the best out of me he added.

He was also asked about the difference between Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s and Pawan Kalyan’s political lives. Babu has gone to the roots to give an answer to that.  He said all the Mega brothers got their helping nature from his father. All of them have good helping nature. Chiranjeevi have pulled many talented people into film industry, also he formed Chiranjeevi blood and eye banks to help public. Even Pawan is very helping although he never liked publicity. With that intention itself both Chiru and Pawan entered politics. The only difference is that Chiranjeevi could not sustain and came back to the industry, and Pawan Kalyan could sustain in the politics too.

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