Nag Mama Helps Sam To Plant Trees

The initiative the Telagana MP Santhosh has taken for Harithaharam (GreenIndiaChallenge) is going on well now days. As all the celebs are staying home due to the ongoing pandemic. They are all actively taking part in this good deed and planting at least 3 saplings in their garden. This challenge is ongoing from a long time in Tollywood as the hero Prabhas has started it.

Now, the top heroine of Tollywood, Samantha accepted the GreenIndia Challenge from her uncle Nagarjuna and planted three saplings in her garden. Interesting hero Nagarjuna helped her planting the saplings by giving directions to her. This whole thing was shared in Instagram and it was so adorable to see Nag mama having fun time with his daughter in law Sam.

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