Mrs Allari Naresh shocking revelation!!

It is known that Allari Naresh has done Ph.D in comedy. He is considered as Rajendra Prasad of this generation. Though Naresh’s most filmography is of comedy genre, he did some extraordinary work in other genres too.





One of them is ‘Nenu’. He had stunned everyone with his acting. Yesterday was the day ‘Nenu’ completed 16 years of its release. This was remembered by his sweet wife Virupa who praised her husband’s acting, obviously!! But the interesting part here is, this movie is the first of Naresh’s which Virupa saw and and.. you know when did she watch it? Two weeks after their marriage..

Omg, this means that Virupa didn’t watch any of Allari Naresh’s movie before marriage.. Haha! Our Naresh must have been heart broken when he knew for the first time!

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