Mind Blowing First Look Poster Of “A” Is Out

Already the Title look of the upcoming medical thriller “A (Ad Infinitum)” produced by Avanthika Productions, has raised enough curiosity. Now the makers have unveiled mind blowing first look poster which has further elevated the interest towards the movie.
In his debut film itself, Nithin Prasanna has taken up the challenge of playing 3 distinct roles. To get the right contrast between all the characters, the team had to experiment on multiple getups. Nithin had to rehearse nearly for several months, and in the end the film unit feels it’s worth it and are very happy with the outcome.
Regarding this, the Film unit shared a funny incident occurred during the shoot – To test whether they were really successful in achieving the right divergence. During the first day shoot of 3rd character, the director made hero to roam around the set to see, if someone will recognize him, but most people were not able to distinguish him and some even asked who he is?
The team further said – considering the limited resources and also in order to lessen the VFX work, mostly old school camera tricks were employed, to conceive the 3 character associated scenes seamlessly. To make this feasible, the entire film was storyboarded.
Director Ugandhar Muni stated legendary director Singeetam Srinivasa Rao was his inspiration while taking up this challenge, and he expressed total confidence, saying this movie will definitely exceed the expectations of the audience.

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