Mega Son-in-law fails to impress His wife!

Chiranjeevi Daughter Srija Hilarious Comments On Kalyan Dev | MANASTARS

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s daughter Sreeja took to Instagram and posted a funny video of her husband Kalyan and trending in the Social media today.

Vijetha hero Kalyan attempted to make roties to make his wife happy. Well, most of the girls know the struggle of making a perfect round roti. It is the one thing only moms can ace at and no one else. And as expected, this young hero too failed at making round roties and ended up making them in funny different shapes. Meanwhile, Sreeja came over and made fun of his hard work by naming his roties after different countries like India, Africa, Australia and more according to their shapes.

This cute couple also had a message for all that the shape of the roti is not important but the taste of it. You definitely do not want to miss the fun loaded video.

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