Mega Brother Steps Into Controversy!

Mega brother Naga babu ‘s recent tweet on Godse pulled him into controversy lately. He claimed he posted those words remembering one of the India’s patriots Nathuram Godse on his birthday.

Declaring Godse as a patriot or not takes us back to when India struggling for independence. Godse is well noted as the one who killed the Father of the Nation, Mahathma Gandhi when the decision of splitting Pakistan from India was taken. But the media has never put a sport light on the role Godse played in the Indian history before the incident took place thinks Naga babu. All we have to do to this patriot is to remember him on his birthday said the Mega brother. His opinion is not well received on the social media right now as his points are highly debatable.

Meanwhile, few others think that it is some sort of political fight as they claim a particular political party gives importance to Godse’s contributions to the nation and Nag babu might be interested in joining that political party soon.

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