Manchu Vishnu’s Emotional Video On Family

It is a known fact that Manchu Vishnu is very much a family man. He is there for his parents, siblings, wife and children whenever they need him. It is very rare that we see him spending time without his wife and 4 children. Every occasion and festival, these guys celebrate it a very cute way giving the people out there some family goals.
But this lockdown has separated Vishnu from his family. His wife and kids are stuck in USA and Vishnu is here in India. Before they could get back, the lockdown was announced and they stayed there.
Vishnu being an emotional man made shared an emotional video on how much he misses his wife and kids and how it is so hard for him to stay away from them especially in this lockdown situation. But he also mentioned how much important the lockdown is for the country and urged everyone to stay home.
But, by the way, have you watched the video? If not then watch it, you’ll definitely feel lucky to be stuck with your loved one.

(Download the video, you ll find it on his insta page)

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