Machu Actress Pounds On Andhra This Time

Manchu Lakshmi is the one known for straight forward and blunt talks. She most of the times traps herself into controversies with this attitude.

Very recently she has made derogatory statements on the ace director Krish in Twitter regarding the ban on online classes for 1-5 class students. Even the Netizens back fired on her for her arrogancy.

Now, is ready for another panga on social media but with the Andhra government this time. We all know that YSRCP is planning to mandate English medium in government schools. The actress took to Twitter and commented that the teachers of the government schools themselves do not have the basics in English. So, there is no need to make is mandate to the children.

However facing controversies is not first time for this lady. And she should be appreciated for the straight talk she does.

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