Super star’s super kid Sitara Entertains All

Super star Mahesh babu’s wife Namrith, also a top heroine once, is entertaining the netizens with the videos of her cute daughter Sitara. Cutie pie Sitara who resembles her father Mahesh Babu is amusing everyone by telling Mahesh babu’s famous dialogues, singing his songs and dancing for superstar’s superhit dance numbers. Looks like Namritha is also impressed by this daddy’s daughter.

The star mom recently posted a video of Sitara singing ‘Bhoom Bhoom Bhoom’ song from Spyder movie. “We never had to create a travel playlist. My little one is a total entertainment package. She makes the journey so much more fun,” Namritha comments on the post.

Sitara is normally very active on social media. She also has a You tube channel where she posts a lot of interesting content. The content uploaded in that channel is utterly her own ideas. She is a very talented kid on whole.

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