Keerthy Says No To Bold Characters

Keerthy suresh is one actor who attracts her audiences with her talent rather than skin show. She has entered the industry with the movie ‘Nenu Sailaja’ and from then to now she managed climbing the success steps without any skin show or taking up a bold character. Not only in TFI, she is famous in all the South Indian film but her funda never changed.

This gracious heroine earned more respect in the whole South with her Very emotional movie ‘Mahanati’. In fact, that movie is her life changer. Keerthy’s action in that movie worked like a time traveller and reminded and resembled Smt. Savitri garu and definitely is a Mahanati of the present generations.

The new buzz in the Internet is that Keerthy suresh is getting many movie offers but being very choosy about the character based movies rather going for commercials. The actress is keen about her words and she said that audience would not accept her in a role just for glamour sake. In a way it’s true audience expect a good performance from her but not just a glamorous apprearence just for the sake of being on the show.

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