Karthi misses Young Hero’s Biggie!

Kollywood Superstar Karthi is celebrating a lowkey birthday today. This hero has started his career with a super hit movie Yuganiki okkadu. He has received applauds form all over for his excellent acting skills in that movie. He won many hearts of Telugu audience with his awesome looks and stunning action in his straight film OOPIRI.

Did you know that he even got a chance to do a direct film in Telugu? Yes, he was asked for natural star Nani’s block buster movie ‘Ninnu Kori’ but missed it because of some technical issues. Karthi would have gained a great career growth even in Telugu industry if he had bagged that hit at that time. Ninnu Kori director Shiva Narvana has actually prepared that story for Karthi. As the offer was put down over there, he turned towards natural Star Nani who absolutely aced that character.

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