Kangana points out B’Town yellow journalism

Kangana points out yellow journalism behind late Sushant's depression

Bollywood heroine Kangana is one of the celebs making noise against the nepotism and on the injustice happend happened to Hero Sushant Singh Rajput since his sudden dismise. Now she comes up with collecting some evidents supporting her argument.
Another video of Kangana got released on the Instagram in which she points out few false news came out on Sushant Singh Rajput. She claims the false accusations the journalists wrote on him were one of the reasons for the actor’s depression. The agitations she read out also were very personal and disturbing. She further added that Sushant’s father shared with her that the late actor used to worry about his career in film industry always. And the news like these definitely would have a big impact on him.
Kangana also said that even she is a target for this yellow journalism’s lynching comments. She said she was once targeted by 300 journalists and they warned her saying they would ban her movies but once her movie got released after that got vanished. She further questioned why wouldn’t any dirty and lynching articles come out on the star kids?

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