Kangana Fumes On Nepotism In Bollywood

After the sudden dismiss of the hero Sushant Singh Rajput internet is Netizens are blaming nepotism in Bollywood. The star kids who are posting thier condolences for Sushant and his family are getting trolled like never before. It is evident that there is agony in the air and many people opinion that many stars like Sushant Singh Rajput are not being well received by Bollywood.

Recently the queen, Kangana Ranaut raised her voice against nepotism and the injustice happening towards the actors who come here to prove themselves with pure talent. She claims that the inequality shown towards Sushant by the Bollywood was the main reason behind his suicide. He was told he was not capable of being a star and he believed it she said. She also fumed on the way the stars are projecting his suicide. They say he is weak minded but he is not and this is sort of a murder she said.

The actor was upset with the way their hard work won’t be appreciated and suppressed because of the nepotism in the industry. She said Sushant’s last movie Cchichore was a classic movie but was not given the recognition it deserved just because of the partiality towards the star.

Has Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has opened the door to dark side of Bollywood?

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