Kammula Follows His Sentiment! Will It Work Out?

Sekhar Kammula may appear as a person who doesn’t believe it sentiments from the outlook but looks like he has a lot of sentiments. Remember the time when he convinced Kamlini Mukharjee to do a cameo in ‘Happy Days’ just because she is the heroine in previous films ‘Anand’ and ‘Godavari’? In the same way, he is repeating his ‘Fidaa’ actress Sai Pallavi as a heroine for his upcoming film ‘Love Story’ with Naga Chaitanya.

More than that, he is once again going to the Nizamabad area to shoot his film. As we know, ‘Fidaa’ was mostly shot in the Banswada area of Nizamabad. It brought a fresh vibe to the film and it went on to become a blockbuster. Sources say that Kammula is hoping his ‘Love Story’ will also get the same result and that is why he followed his sentiment once again. But these sentiments work out only when the film has content.

Frankly, Naga Chaitanya is not a great performer and Sai Pallavi has all the chances of dominating him in the film. Romantic films have always been Sekhar Kammula’s forte but it makes you a bit monotonous some times. Moreover, the film’s producer Sunil Narang is going through a bad phase as most of the films he touches are ending up as flops. Let us wait and see if Sekhar Kammula succeeds once again or not.

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