Kajal rejects Teja’s offer?

It is known that Kajal is director Teja’s favorite. It was Teja who gave this actress her first movie and ever since their association has been intact. Kajal has done two films after that for this director of this ‘Sita’ was a disaster.
Even after this, Teja was very much firm that he wants Kajal only as the female lead in his next whenever that is. People close to him have asked him to change his decision but he didn’t listen.
But it was Kajal who rejected this offer and shocked her director. It is said that, when Kajal was approached for this movie, she asked for a pretty high remuneration. Seeing the number, the production house asked Teja to change his heroine, leaving him with no choice.
Paapam Teja must be disappointed with this news!!

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