Ismart director empathize for caged animals

This deadly pandemic has jailed us in our homes from 2 months and it feels so suffocating even though we are staying at our lovely houses with our families. But this feeling is a lifetime punishment for many caged animals. They suffer all alone, snatched away from their families just because of the selfish acts of the human beings.

Director Puri Jagannadh emphasises the pain of those animals this very moment. He took over to the social media and shared a heart wrenching video of caged animals reminding how cruel and painful can human act sometimes. Puri shared this video with the intention that people will realise the pain of the voice less beings who still have feelings just like we do.

This Maverick director is right now very excited to start working with the Tollywood’s rowdy boy Vijay Deverakonda for the movie ‘Fighter’.


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