Is Vijay Deverakonda facing financial issues?

Arjun Reddy fam Vijay Deverakonda raised to one of the top heroes in a very less time. He’s got block buster like Arjun Reddy, GeethaGovindam and few more in his casket. few rumours are swinging in the social media saying Vijay has taken financial help from his friends in the lock down. Is this Hero really in financial problems?

Vijay says he spends most of his time in lock down chilling with his family, playing video games and sleeping happily. But we all know he is doing a lot of social service in these tough times. He has gone to the police Commissioner’s office to motivate the hardworking police department. He also initiated Middle Class Funds to support the more than 2,500 middle class families in both the Telugu states in lockdown. Now the program is successfully running, and 7,500 middle class families received the help.

‘Thedeverakondafoundation’ was founded in 2019. Vijay had already spent 40 lacks through this foundation silently. He also planned many more charities and spent all his earning for other essentials. He was never prepared for the Middleclass Fund as this lockdown and Corona situation on whole came as a surprise. And some of his income got stuck with the Producer because of COVID-19 itself.  But he wanted to help the Middle class by hook or crook as he is aware of their problem as he was also from a middle class once.

That is the reason our Rowdy borrowed some money from his friends for the sake of Middle class funds and some for his personal stuff. He also said that this wouldn’t be the situations if the shootings were not stopped.

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