Is This Star Looking For OTT Release?

Tollywood is known as one of the biggest industries in the country. But the ongoing Pandemic has made it tough for the it to do it’s business. Taking the advantage of the present situation OTT platforms are buying the new movie for a fancy amount. But none of the big stars of the industry sold their movie to the digital platform yet.

The latest news in the social media is that Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is up for making an OTT direct release with his upcoming movie Krack. This news has come as shock to many in the industry. As of now half of the producers made business with the OTT biggies. Now if the Star hero like Ravi Teja takes this step, there might be many others to follow him.

This news still has to be confirmed officially. But if it is any true, it is going to make a big impact on the other heroes decisions in the Tollywood.

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