Is Ram Charan Stuck Near Rajamouli?

By this time it is clear that working with Tollywood’s ace director Rajamouli costs not just talent but also patients. Even Rajamouli is uncertain on when he will complete his movie. This means there is no compromise in the quality of the movie. This is what happened in Bahubali making and it absolutely took 4 years to complete it.

Now it’s Ram Charan’s turn. We all know that heroes Ram Charan Tej and Jr. NTR are working in Rajamouli’s RRR movie. People already have high expectations on this movie and are eagerly waiting for it. Already two years passed by since the movie was started. The Corona Crisis has added more lag to the process. Would you be surprised multiple projects are in trouble because of this movie?

Yes, both the heroes have signed up for other movies while they are in RRR itself. Now, the situation is the team Acharya is waiting to complete Ram Charan’s portions as they are keen to finish the movie by April’21. According to the sources, Cherry has to be available for a month to complete his shots in Acharya. But looking at the urgency, the hero has given 15 days to the team for now. And the portions in which Chiru and Cherry will be seen together will be shot in January.

But for all this to happen, Cherry should be getting a green signal from Rajamouli. Will that happen?

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