Is Nani working on six pack?

Natural star Nani is very dedicated to the cinema. We heard his telling that he could do anything for cinema in many interviews. Likewise, he always tries to come out with refreshing stories and looks. Not just that but he even maintains freshness in his action too. He is already surprising his fan by playing an antagonist in the upcoming movie ‘V’. Now the buzz is that he is getting his six-pack ready for one of his future projects. How interesting is that? Natural star Nani who is referred as the boy next door going to be seen with six packs soon.

Nani wold be working with Taxi Wala director Rahul Sankarshan after ‘V’. it is said that it would be an unforgettable movie in Nani’s career. This movie is titled as Shyam Singha Roy. Director Rahul said it is a different story and Nani’s performance will also very different from all his other movies. The buzz is that Nani is preparing his six pack for this movie only. First look of this movie is also released recently.

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