Is It Right To Pull In Jr NTR Into Meera Chopra’s Issue?

Since past few days, a big Cyber crime issue is going on with NTR fans. As they ah abused Heroine Meera Chopraon social platform, she boldly booked a harassment case against the so called NTR fans at National Commission of Woman, police department. The same issue was also taken to the notice of KTR and he responded to her tweet and said that everything will be taken care off.

Meanwhile, few social media handles are frowning upon Jr. NTR’s silence in this controversy. The actress too asked the hero to take care of his fans in Twitter but NTR did not care to do anything on this issue yet. There were similar controversies The actor faced in the past and he already made a clear statement that he doesn’t consider the people how create ruckus like this as his fans at all.

And the NTR supporters too say that there isn’t any fault of Jr. NTR in this issue. It was the so called fans group who created the mess and they shall pay for it. They also feel that this controversy is done internationally to bring down NTR’s reputation.

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