It’s Her Decision: Surekha Vani

Famous Character artist Surekha Vani has made interesting comments on her daughter in her recent interview. Surekha occasionally posts her dance videos in Social media. She also posts pictures of her hanging out with her daughter Supritha.  She looks very cute and bubbly in those pictures.

Supritha presently, acts in short films and music videos. On this note, when Surekha was asked about her daughter’s debut in Tollywood. “My mom raised me as an independent woman who could take decisions on my own. Even I have raised my daughter in the same manner. I often asked if Supritha about her opinion on getting into Tollywood. It’s totally her decision. If she decides to pursue acting, I wouldn’t say no,” she said. Looks like Supritha is prepping up the enter the big screen.

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