Hidden Childhood Popularity?

With an ever lasting beautiful smile, do you recognize this cute little girl? This adorable munchkin getting featured on the front cover of a magazine at a really yound age is none other than Rashmika Mandana. Using this lockdown as an amazing opportunity to revisit her sweet little memories, Rashmika shared some of her childhood pictures on her instagram and one of them was the magazine cover which everyone found absolutely cute and it got pretty viral.
“This was my first ever photoshoot in the year 2001 for a magazine cover, I l
iterally can never forget this photoshoot in my life. My work always made my mom proud therefore she kept safe all the work I have done till date including this magazine. I never imagined I would be able to come so far, I still think about how far i have been able to come all because of your well wishes and love. I am really at a happy and a prosperous position in life and I would like thank each and everyone by their name who helped me achieve whatever I am today.” Says Rashmika.

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