Heroine Is Ready To Go Bald!

Apart from their acting skills, heroines are generally admired for their beauty. Sometimes the movie makers are so particular about the beaty of their heroine that they select models to take lead roles in the movies.But it is a different version when seen from a professional actor’s side. Many actors are ready to undergo serious transformations for the character they believe in. It also shows their dedication levels.

Recently, the RX100 heroine, Payal Rajput said that she would go bald if the character demands in her latest interaction with her fans on social media. She has answered for many interesting questions her fans posed on social media.

On the same occasion, she declared that we will be seeing her is a negative role soon. This got her fans excited for her future projects. She is presently working in the movie 5Ws and will also be seen in few more Tamil movies.

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