Nani Suggests A Script For Mass Maharaja

It is said that natural star Nani is busy listening to scripts in order to line up his future projects. Most of the Tollywood heroes are utilizing this lockdown for the same purpose. The talk is that Nani has already nodded for a new director’s script.

The buzz on the Internet is that Nani in the process of scrutinizing the scripts have found a best suitable story for Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja. As Nani is interested in taking up a mass background stories, director Vakkantam Vamsi reached him with a story. After listening to that script, Nani suggested the director to approach Ravi Teja as he felt he would be more appropriate to that story. It is also said that Vakkantam Vamsi has already narrated the script to Ravi Teja. Let’s see if Mass Maharaja gets totally impressed with that story.

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