He Thinks Better To Stay Home For Now

The ongoing Pandemic has changed the scene of Tollywood. There are many movies in queue to finish the almost completed movies. But it is becoming difficult to shoot day by day. Though the Telangana government gave the permission to resume shooting with safety measures, no actor is daring to come back to the sets.

The hot topic in the T town is on how to resume to shooting after the crisis is gone. All movie biggies kept their fingers crossed and praying for the best to happen soon.

Recently, Tollywood ace horror director Ravi Babu shared his shooting experience in the corona time. This Maverick director is on his new movie ‘Crush’. It is heard that the movie completed 90% of the shoot before the outbreak. The director recently resumed for shooting with all the Corona safety measures. But he said it was very difficult to shoot at this time as it is impossible to get a quality scene with the limited crew members. He faced a lot of difficulty in shooting romantic scenes with only 26 people in the set. He even mentioned that the actors are hesitant to perform intimate scenes amid corona fear. As he is disappointed with the shoot with limited crew and the fear, he adviced it is better to stay home in this corona time that going for a shoot.

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