He is Niharika’s fiance! 

Mega daughter Niharika Konidala is teasing her fans on social media by hiding her fiance’s identity but confirming that she is getting married. A while ago Mega brother Naga babu announced that he is in his plans to get Niharika married. And it took no time to get confirmed. With the suspense the actress created, everyone is eager to know who her fiance is.
Here is a spoiler before she unveils her would-be. His name is Venkata Chaitanya Jonnagadda, son of Guntur IG Prabhakara Rao. He is a techie from BITS Pilani. So, the naughty girl Niharika is hiding this handsome face from her fans and teasing them.
According to the sources, the official engagement will be held on 13th August. We have to wait for more details to spill over.

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