Half Theatres Or No Theatres?

Due to the global pandemic covid-19, alot of shootings were stopped without any notice and there seems to be no sign of rescheduling these shoots any time soon. These circumstances have put the producers under alot of financial stress and especially the ones who are in the middle of their shootings. On the other hand even the theatres are taking no word of opening in the near future, which put the producers under immense pressure. According to sources, supposedly the government has granted permission for movie shootings and theatres to restart from the month of August. Yet even if the theatres open up again or shootings restart “conditions apply”, but how fair is this? Is being debated by the exhibitors. Though several exhibitors are completely against the idea of running the movie in theaters with just half the capacity of the theatres to maintain social distancing which result in a complete loss for the exhibitors.

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