Hacked Or Faked Social Media?

Everyone is aware of the fact that the Instagram account of Pooja Hegde has been allegedly hacked by an unknown. From the following account some offensive comments were posted about one of the leading actress Samantha. Later on, Pooja Hegde was able to gain back the access to her Instagram account with the help of her technical team. Meanwhile these comments have already caused alot of chaos. These offensive comments got viral in no time. Witnessing these shocking comments Samantha fans made “apologize to samantha” go viral on Twitter for Pooja Hegde. Pooja ensured that the offensive comments posted against samantha were removed and she had also thanked her technical team for helping her get back her insta account. “We had to go through many difficulties for about an hour to gain back the access of my Instagram account. I am really grateful to my technical team for working meticulously and helping me get back my account. We got rid of the posts uploaded and messages that were sent an hour ago” said Pooja, yet samantha fans were furious.

This lead samantha post a picture with the peace symbol and a beautiful smile on her twitter. Meanwhile chinmayi sripada, a singer cum dubbing artist and a good friend of samantha tweeted certain tweets with the hashtag #Teamsamantha. “Forget about this matter here and move on. Two days ago, On the occasion of hitting 10 million followers on Instagram; sam reached out to 10 NGO’s and one of them is Akshaya trust. Without charging any kind of fee the elderly are being provided with a roof to live under. I have always spoke about how toxic social media can be, please do not encourage such fake accusations. Whoever is behind this unethical action should also know about the help she is providing with the help of pratyusha foundation”.

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