Gentleman Beauty Interested In OTT

Heroine Surabhi entered Tollywood with the movie ‘Beeruva’. She acted biside Sundeep Kishan. She got good recognition with Nana’s super hit movie ‘Gentleman’. She was not seen in the movie that often after that.

Surabhi will be working in a musical love story, ‘Sashi’ soon. She in her latest interview mentioned that she is very much interested in OTT platforms and she would like to work in the web series too like many of the actors are doing. She said OTT platforms are not a treat to the theatres like many in the film industry fear. Though there is a lot of content in here, those who like to enjoy movie on big screen will definitely will go to theatres she said.

In the president testing periods there is lot of demand for the content and even OTT platforms want actors and there are many budding actors in tollywood waiting for a good chance. If the web series encourage this type of talents it will have a great future.

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