Fans Upset With Prabhas And UV Creations…!

Fans sir.. Fans anthe!! That is what can be perfectly described about the dear fans of the movie stars. They make a movie star and they also break a movie star. That is the power of the fans. Every hero or heroine does to make these guys satisfy. But if you upset them, omg, you have got it.
And this time, UV creations has to face this wrath of disappointment from the fans. We all know Prabhas has tremendous fan associations across the country and world. They love him so much that they can do anything for him. But this time they are upset and started trending ‘BanUVCreations’ on twitter for not giving any update on their idol’s latest project. They are so off with the production house that they started trending with this hashtag in the night. It made them sad because every other hero’s fans are getting some or the other update but Prabhas’s fans are not.
Omg, hope UV Creations does something to cool these guys!!

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