Falaknuma Das Got Some Surprise For NTR!

NTR fans are quite disappointed as there is not an appropriate time to celebrate their favorite star’s birthday like they do every year. Not just his but every celebs birthday is been celebrated on social media lately. Adding up to their disappointment, RRR team is unable to release the Glimpse of NTR from the movie or his first look poster.

To cheer the fans a little our Falaknuma das hero Vishwak sen got some surprise. He has Rapped a song for his favorite hero Jr NTR and will release it on 20 May as a gift for his birthday. Vishwak sen said that this Rap would be a tribute to his most favorite hero Young Tiger NTR. This announcement made NTR fans eager besides all the disappointment. Hero Vishvak sen is being appreciated for his unbelievable acting skills and now it’s time for have a taste of his music skills too.

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