ED Results Say Rhea Is Not A Gold Digger

Bollywood young star Sushant Singh Rajput’s mystery death is still not shifted from the limelight. In fact the investigation is unfolding the twists and turns of the case.

The new development in the investigation came as a shocker to everyone. After 18 hours of drilling with in three days, the ED (Enforcement Directorate) has declared that Rhea Chakravarty is not a gold digger like everyone this. There were only 55 lacks that were transferred into her account and she is not involved in anyway with the 15 crores that were lost from Sushant’s account.

All the allegations Sushant’s father KK Singh put on Rhea and the media who called the actress a gold digger were proven wrong. This news has brought a huge relief the actress and her family.

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