Eco friendly-Actor Nikhil

Actor Nikhil has been in the headlines very often these days. He was able to reach out to the police department, doctors and even the cleanliness department and was able to provide them the help he could, later he again gained attention through his wedding. Yet again he has come with his electric cycle, which got him into the headlines. He has always looked after the well being of the environment and he does it again with this cycle. The heavy levels of pollution being emitted is encouraging people to use more electronic things like electric cycle, electric bike, electric car etc. Therefore this was just another way to promote the use of electric cycles by Actor Nikhil.
Coming to the features of the cycle, with a full day charge the electrical cycle can work for 80 km. The speed of this cycles goes up to 30km/h. “I will be sharing the full video review on this electrical cycle very soon” added nikhil.

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