Dwaraka Productions teases Balayya fans!

Dwaraka Productions teases Balayya fans on Social media

As the most awaited day for Balayya fans is one day far, Balayya upcoming movie producers Dwaraka productions took to Twitter and teasing the fans with the post #BB3. The team has successfully created the sense of mystery in the air.

Now that the suspanse created, there are many speculations popping up in the social media. The question ‘what is #BB3?’ is currently trending on Twitter. One thing that is clear is that the surprise is related to the actor’s upcoming movie. But no one is able to anticipate what it is exactly. The team did not mention about any special celebration or surpris for Balayya’s birthday ever before. The sudden announcement of this #BB3 is definitely working its magic on the fans. They are more excited for Balakrishna’s 60th birthday now.

Anyhow there are few guessings that #BB3 could be the big reveal of the fost look of Balayya from the movie. Be it anything, but it is for sure a big day for Balayya babu fans.

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