Director Reveals His Shush Shush Marriage

The creative director Ravikanth Perepu is enjoying the success of his most postponed project Krishna and his leela. In fact it is the first block buster movie which had a direct release on digital platform. Many of the renowned actors too released their movie online directly but Krishna and his leela has entertained the audience in this quarantine period like none could do.

Now the latest news on this most celebrated director is that he has silently got married to his girlfriend Veena Ghantasala. It seems that they both were in relationship since 5 years and finally wanted to take their relationship a spet ahead. Interestingly this pair had a shush shush marriage while shooting Krishna and his leela.

The director took to social media and announced out of nowhere that he got married. He also shared one of their cutest photos in the internet. The Telugu audience are almost tripping on this news presently.

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