Director Is Back Of Super Star For Chance

The veteran director Srinu Vaitla once had a good track record with the movies like Venky, Dhee, King, and more. But as per now he is considered as a dud due to his continuous flops from past six years.

The talk in Tollywood is that the director is trying to get back on track and start it fresh. But looking at his flop history, no hero is ready to risk it. Now we all know that movie in the combo of Mahesh Babu and Srinu Vaitla ‘Dookudu’ was such a hit. It actually elevated the comedy angle in the Super star Mahesh Babu. But Vaitla could not with stand the good will as successive movie ‘Aagadu’ was utter flop.

According to the sources, the director desperate to come back with a hit, prepared a sequel for ‘Dookudu’. It is heard that he is trying so hard to get a chance to narrate it to the star.

Let’s see if Mahesh Babu could give this director another chance!

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