Dil Raju Gives Shock On ‘V’ Release

Mohan Krishna Indraganti’s ambitious project ‘V’ has completed all the shooting and post production formalities long ago. But it is sitting in the boxes from a long time as the movie theatres have closed indefinitely due to the Corona virus spread.

Earlier, the whole team along with Nani and Sudheer Babu were ambitious on theatrical release for this movie. Especially the director clarified that his movie ‘V’ deserves to be seen in the big screen but not the digital platforms.

Now the news is that the ace producer Dil Raju is planning to sell the movie to the digital platforms. This came as a shocker to everyone as Dil Raju is not just a producer but also one of the biggest distributors. This decision of his is a big disappointment for the distributors and the exibitors in the industry.

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