Deverakonda’s MCF results in blossoming smiles

The Deverakonda’s MCF results in blossoming smiles

Tollywood’s Rowdy boy Vjay Deverakonda proves that he is a Maverick all the time with his unique decisions. He started a good deed with MCF – Middle Class Funds through The Deverakonda foundations to help many families in these testing times. He successfully reached his target of helping more than 2500 families by providing the essential household goods in the lockdown.  He has helped many people and his service still continued.

Recently, a picture of MCF rescue member’s photo is trending on the social media. Like anyone else she also received the essentials from The Deverakonda foundation and the smile on her face looking at the grocery is priceless. This way Vijay has become a real hero in many people’s lives. And the bright smile lady is making Rowdy boy’s fans very proud of their hero.  Hope Vijay’s services bring smiles in more people’s lives.

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