Dev Katta hope on Sai Tej?

Deva Katta has impressed the whole Telugu Industry with ‘Prasthanam’. When the movie released, every actor wanted to work with a director like him. But as the time as passed by and the way his movies didn’t do well at the box office, his opportunities have also reduced.

But some how with the name he got with ‘Prasthanam’, he got a chance to remake the same film in hindi with Sanjay Dutt which again was a disaster at the box office. The bad luck doesn’t stop there. The ‘Baahubali’ Netflix series which was being directed by Deva Katta has also been stopped mid-way because the team did not like the output.

So, in this unfortunate time, no one would dare to give him another chance. But sources say that, Sai Dharam Tej has signed him for a film after ‘Solo Brathuke Better’.
Either SDT doesn’t know about Deva Katta’s graph or maybe genuinely he wants to give another chance.. Only time can say this

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