‘Degree College’ Director Fires At Cases Filed On Them

The SR Nagar police have registered a case on the director and producer of the Telugu film Degree College on the charges of promoting obscenity. The case was booked after some college students reportedly complained about the posters which were stuck at the Ameerpet junction.Following this, Narasimha the director of the film became vocal on the complainants and lashed out at them.

The director went on to say that when big films like Bahubali and Arjun Reddy can use posters without any clearance certificate what’s the issue if a small director likes him sticks posters at a junction.

He even went on to say that he has a complete list of films that used posters without a clearance certificate. Even I came from the student stage. Once you watch the film and after that, if you have any issues you can complain, he added.

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