Deepika To Play An Interesting Role

Team Prabhas 21 recently welcomed the gorgeous Deepika Padukone on board. The Telugu audience were excited aboot this news from the initial stage itself. The talk in Tensel town is that this Bollywood beauty has taken 30 crores to be a part of this cinema.

As this will be her first time to work in a Telugu film, everyone are excited you see her paired up with Young Rebel Star Prabhas on the screen. Apparently, the heroine will be seen as a dancer in Prabhas 21. Not just that but she is the key for all the twists in the plot. So, she is the one who puts in the masala in the story basically.

Prabhas on the other hand, has completed some of his Raadhe Shyam shooting in Georgia. Unlike all the film makers, this team is in no rush to complete it’s shoot.

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