Cyber Crime Case Booked On NTR Fans

Meera Chopra discomfort on NTR fans

As everyone is ought to stay at home due to the lockdown, the use of internet has increased. The social websites have become the main source of interaction and news hunt. Even the celebrities got active on social media as there is no other option to stay in contact with their fans.
Recently, heroine Meera Chopra, Priyanka Chopra’s cousin interacted with her fans. In some context she mentioned that she is a big fan of Super star Mahesh babu but has no much idea about Jr. NTR works which hurt the hero’s fans. In that fury the NTR fans abused the heroine.
Meera Chopra mentioned her discomfort in the internet and filed a complaint against NTR fans at the Cyber crime officers. As a quick action a case was booked on the accounts who abused the lady and the proper action will be taken.

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