Cherry Is First Priority In This Movie!

There is a lot happening between the team Acharya. It is evident that Magastsr Chiranjeevi is very excited to be the lead in this movie as he believes it is one of a kind story. Koratala Siva too put his soul in this movie as it is the consequent movie after Chiru bagged two hits already.

An other elevated aspect in this movie is that star father-son duo which is very rare. Frankly, Ram Charan’s presence in this movie is building high hopes in the maga fans. After all it is definitely a big thing to see Mega star and Mega powerstar sharing one screen.

The latest news is that Chiranjeevi is emphasising more on Cherry’s role. It seems like on the request of the star, director has increased Ram Charan’s role to 40 minutes. He also dedicated a song and a separate fight sequence for Cherry in the film. More over there will be a heroine for Ram Charan too.

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