Can heroines be friends?

Can heroines be friends? Can heroines be supportive to each other? Can heroines promote each other?
These are the questions every movie buff has in their mind when it comes to heroines as we have never seen heroines become best of best friends until this Generation of heroines have come.
We all know the competition is so much for the heroines as they have to always prove themselves and be on the top of the chart.
But this clan like Samantha, Kajal, Rakul, Shruthi, Tamannah broke all these misconceptions of ‘Heroines can’t be friends’.
In past also we have seen these beautiful lads standing up for each other and promoting each other.
Recently when Samantha completed 10 years in the industry, it was Rakul who launched the common DP of #10YearsOfSamanthaMania. And yesterday, it was Sam who did the same for Tamannah who completed 15 years in the industry.
These lads definitely are changing the norms and are inspiration for women to help each other and not get them down!

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