Bunny Checking Out Forest To Select Locations

It is evident that Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s most awaited movie ‘Pushpa’ is getting ready to hit the sets soon. According to the sources there are lot of scenes to be shot in forest area as per the script. There are hints that the movie is related to Red Sand Smuggling. So, the team is all set to shoot some action sequences in the forests.

Well, interestingly, Bunny has taken the responsibility of selecting the perfect location for the shoot. Generally this is the work director and assistant directors do but for the first time the hero has taken interest in checking out suitable location.

In this process, the actor was spotted near Kuntala waterfalls, Adilabad. The locals and visitors were amazed to encounter Bunny over there. The star took the Corona precautions by staying in the car itself. Later he peeped out to wave at his fans. Everyone were surprised with the rough look the actor aced at that time.

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